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Welcome to the Web site of the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Jordan. We wish our students luck and thank them for making the University of Jordan, the mother of all universities locally and regionally, their choice for further study. The University of Jordan has always encouraged its students through providing them with knowledge, qualifications, and skills under the supervision of its elite faculty members to supply the local and regional communities with highly- qualified members who would hold notable positions in society. The first postgraduate program was established in 1968 upon the issuance of the Royal Decree regarding establishing a scientific edifice whose mission was to prepare high-level academic qualifications. Hence, the main task set for the School of Graduate Studies is to organize the affairs of postgraduate studies on the University level, including all humanities, scientific, and medical specializations. Since its establishment, the School of Graduate Studies has always managed to supply the local and international markets with modern scientific programs on the levels of master’s, doctoral, and high specialization in the fields of medicine and dentistry. The School has always worked on setting the quality of scientific research, theses, and dissertations in accordance with universal standards. The School offers more than (123) master’s programs, (38) doctoral programs, (16) high specialization in medicine certificate programs, and one high specialization in dentistry certificate program. Moreover, in collaboration with the local and universal societies, the School offers specialized programs in several other specializations. The School has succeeded to attract distinguished students and supply the local and universal markets with qualitative experiences. The total number of the School graduates has approximately reached (21841) male and female master's students, and (2876) PhD students, most of whom were hired at well-known institutions which believed in the high qualifications and potentials they have, doubtlessly, acquired from The University of Jordan.