Master's Programs
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 expand  Arts


MA in history.pdf    


MA in Sociology.pdf    
Teaching Arabic Language to Non-Speakers of Arabic
MA in Learning Arabic Language.pdf    
Ma in Psychology.pdf    
 expand  Business
Quality Management
MA in Total Quality Management.pdf    

MA in Marketing.pdf    
MA Accounting
MA in Accounting.pdf    
International Business
MA In International Business.pdf    
Competition and Regulation
MA in Regulation and Competition.pdf    
MBA/ Finance


MA in Finance-MBA.pdf    
 expand  Shari'a
Islamic Jurisprudence and its Foundations
MA in Jurisprudence and Its Foundations.pdf    
M.A Hadith.pdf    
M.A. Exegesis.pdf    
Qur’anic Modes of Reading
MA in Qur'anic Models of Reading.pdf    
 expand  Educational Sciences
Educational Psychology/Measurement and Evaluation


MA in Measurement and Evaluation.pdf    
Curriculum and Instruction/General Curriculum
MA in General Curriculum.pdf    
Curriculum and Instruction/Methods of Teaching English Language
MA in Methods of Teaching English Language.pdf    
Curriculum and Instruction/Methods of Teaching Mathematics
MA in Methods of Teaching Mathematics.pdf    
Educational Administration


MA in Educational administration.pdf    
Foundations of Education


MA in Foundations of Education.pdf    
Special Education


MA in Special Education.pdf    
Curriculum Instruction Methods of Teaching Social Sciences


MA in Curriculum and Instruction Methods Of Teaching Social Sciences.pdf    
 expand  Law
Intellectual Property Law


MA in Intellectual Property Law.pdf    
 expand  Physical Education
 expand  Arts and Design
Music Arts
خطة الماجستير الجديدة بالانجليزي2018).pdf    
 expand  International Studies
American Studies


MA in American Studies.pdf    
Diplomatic Studies


MA in Diplomatic Studies.pdf    
Middle Eastern Studies


MA in Middle Eastern Studies.pdf    
Development Practice
MA in Development Practice.pdf    
 expand  Foreign languages


ماجستير الترجمة.pdf    
Translation (French  Arabic)


MA in Translation French- Arabic.pdf    
 expand  Archaeology and Tourism


MA in Artcaeology.pdf    
 expand  Center for Women's Studies
 expand  Management and Finance/Aqaba
Business Administration/Administration
MA in Business Administration.pdf    
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 expand  Medicine


MSc in Analytical Toxicology.pdf    
Public Health


خطة ماجستير الصحة العامة جديدة .pdf    
Anatomy and Histology


الخطة الدراسية ماجستير التشريح 11-6-2018.pdf    
 expand  Nursing
Clinical Nursing/ Palliative Care
MSc in Clinical Nursing- Palliative Care.pdf    
 expand  Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Sciences


MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences.pdf    
 expand  Dentistry
Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics


MA in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics.pdf    
 expand  Rehabilitation Sciences
Speech-Language Pathology
MSc in Speech-Language Pathology.pdf    
collapse Scientific Faculties
 expand  Science
Medical Physics


MA in Medical Physics.pdf    
Chemistry- Thesis


ماجستير كيمياء رسالة انجليزي.pdf    


MSc in Geology.pdf    
MA in Mathematics.pdf    
 expand  Agriculture
Plant Protection


MSc in Plant Protection.pdf    
Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management


MSc in Agricultural Economics And Agribusiness Management.pdf    


Ma in Biotechnology.pdf    
Food Science and Technology


MSc in Food Science and Technology.pdf    
Olive Production and Processing Technology
MA in Olive Production and Processing Technology.pdf    
 expand  Engineering
Civil Engineering/Structures


MSc in Civil Engineering-Structures.pdf    
Civil Engineering/Transportation

MSc in Civil Engineering-Transportation.pdf    
Electrical Engineering/Communication


MSc in Electrical Engineering-Communication.pdf    
Industrial Engineering/Management


MSc in Engineering Management.pdf    
Energy Management


MSc Energy Management.pdf    
Computer Engineering and Networks


MSc in Computer Engineering and Networks.pdf    
Environmental Technology and Climate Changes
MSc in Environmental Technology and Climate Changes.pdf    
Renewable Energy

MSc in Renewable Energy.pdf    
 expand  IT
Computer Science


Ma in Computer Science1.pdf    
Web Intelligence
Ma in Web Intelligence.pdf    
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 expand  Management and Finance/Aqaba
Business Administration/Administration
MA in Business Administration.pdf    
 expand  Marine sciences/Aqaba
 expand  Information Technology and Systems/Aqaba
Computer Science
Ma in Psychology.pdf    

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