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un/unrwa internship
Dear Sir/madam , i would love to know about the meeting with unrwa/un and if there is a possibility to be an intern at un organization .. I would appreciate your help and looking forward to hear from you .
متى سيبدأ التسجيل للماستر الدولي
متى سيبدأ التسجيل للبرنامج الدولي في الماجستير
PhD studies
What is the expected date for the beginning of registration at PhD studies in biological sciences
Copy of certificate is
Dear Sir,
How can I get a copy of my certificate from the university of Jordan knowing that i have been graduated from the faculty of engineering since 2003 and i am outside Jordan right now.
your cooperation is highly appreciated.
Mohammad AbouMayye
Master Admission
Can you please explain more about the master admission priorities because I cannot get how it works, I graduated from JU in 2006 and got excellent GPA and I cannot get to be admitted in management master I applied for, what makes wired that my friend and me applied for the same major and same GPAs and she got accepted but me not, so please explain how and why ... how this thing works.....