3/16/2015 9:06 AM
Bassam Al-Kasasbeh

I recall the moment I came from Kerak to The University of Jordan to compete and become one of its sons. I also recall how overwhelmed with happiness and honor I was when I found my name in the list of admitted students. Driven by my optimism, I hoped that the dream I have got within will be fulfilled and that the University will be my starting point towards the fulfillment of my dream.  As I started my studying with endeavor and energy, I saw my distant dream crossing distances and getting closer to me one day after another at UJ, where I spent the most wonderful days of my life.  At UJ, I learned how to transform ideas into achievement. I also learned that success comes when you do what you love, and that your ablaze will and desire could be your pushing strength to overcome any obstacles on your way. I also learned at UJ that if nothing is worth dying for, then nothing is worth living for. I learned to swim towards the ship instead of wasting my time waiting for it to come. I learned not to lose hope anyway regardless of the challenges as prior to the discovery of most of the inventions witnessed today, these inventions were judged as impossible. UJ has taught me to carry success within and walk steadily towards my dream regardless of the possibility of falling or facing difficulties.  I used to receive messages from God through everything I am surrounded by assuring me that I will achieve my goal. Those beautiful days passed so rapidly as harmony to the same place united our hearts. Although I do not like good-byes, memories will remain present in my memory. It was an important stage in my life with all its routine, seats, platforms, on which our dreams and hopes to be reunited were written. My thanks go to my generous professors whose thoughts and approaches paved my way towards success. I will work hard to be among the ones you are proud of. I will strive to be your own imprint as you were mine in my continuous research and education directed towards serving my country and upholding the name of my university to the highest ranks of success. My thanks also go to my generous parents for their continuous support, and to my friends and colleagues who have always been my brothers all through my study period. In the name of love we have met and parted, and in heaven we shall be reunited and immortalized.

3/16/2015 9:17 AM
Hanadi Sameer Riyad

Congratulations my fellow graduates of the Fall semester of the Class 2015! And thank you for making this experience such an enjoyable and transformative one and for taking ownership of it. This day is a recognition of all of us, women and men who juggled responsibilities of family and work in addition to university. For most of us, this has been more than a labor of intellect. It was a labor of love and passion, and I want to extend my gratitude to my family, to our families, for giving us the support and love we needed to go on. I am a changed person today because all of that, and because we were successful as a community in creating a safe space where uncomfortable moments were not dreaded but embraced with curiosity. Learning and conscious construction of meaning often happens in these moments, when our beliefs, norms, and values are challenged and our knowledge of the world and how the world should be is questioned.

3/22/2015 11:11 AM
Sumayya Al-Eis

The clock tower was the beginning. I chose it, and so it did. I willingly answered its call when my name appeared in the list of students nominated for admission in the master's program of speech-language pathology. I was overwhelmed with happiness, firstly for being admitted to a master's program at The University of Jordan, and secondly due to the fact that it is the only program in this field in the Arab world, and thirdly due to the uniqueness of this program, as it requires the fulfillment of (300) training hours for the production of a specialist scholar who is well-prepared for clinical work. It was because of God's favor in the first place, and my professors' in the second place, that I was endowed with excellence.
For two years, and along with my colleagues, I used to spend mornings at school curing patients, and never leave it before it is 8:00 in the evening. We used to steal hours in order to prepare reports, do a homework assignment, or study a curriculum. We used to find comfort in believing that this will one day come to an end, and yes, it did. Here comes the day where we stand at the gates of graduation, yearning to be granted our master's degree certificates. Hence, we believe that it is inevitable for each beginning to have an end, and for each hard worker to have a reward.

4/15/2015 11:08 AM
Zainab Bekawi

   I am grateful to all nursing faculty members at The University of Jordan, who assisted me in expanding my knowledge and provided guidance along the way toward the accomplishment of my goal. It has been an honor for me to be a student at and a graduate from the PhD Nursing program, and I am thankful for the friendships that have been established along the way. Earning a PhD degree had a tremendous impact on my professional and social life.
   Students in the PhD Program of  Nursing are engaged in and educated for excellence in the development, organization and evaluation of new knowledge. The program is characterized by its rigour, flexibility and relevance: rigour in the quality of scholarship and flexibility within and relevance to the discipline of nursing and the student’s career goals and research interests.
I would also like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to The University of Jordan represented by its President, faculty members, and employees.

12/17/2017 9:12 AM
Dr. Saud Al-Ajmi

To the praise of Allah, who made life with science a joy to hearts, and a way to overcome difficulties, and distinguish between good and evil, and arranged not only to be patient, started by the Secretary of the Secretary of the Pacific, and the blessings of peace and blessings of God at all times, To the Day of Judgment, and after:
The fastest of those days and years, which the slave lives with knowledge in that great edifice, is the life we ​​still remember belonging to and loyalty to, gave us the science of the prophets, and the ethics of nobles, is the University of Jordan, it was a pride for its employees, and did everything in the service of science and students , Thanks to them growing, and pray for them is renewed.
This is not strange, led by the descendants of the Seal of the Apostles, and the people of each refugee and homeless received, God ask to keep it and other Muslim countries.
and thank Allah the god of everything

Dr. Saud Fahid Al-Ajmi
Holds a master's degree and PhD with distinction - University of Jordan - Faculty of Sharia - Tafseer.

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