School of Graduate Studies
"Ambition is the path to success"
Hanadi Sameer Riyad
  Said :Congratulations my fellow graduates of the Fall semester of the Class 2015! And thank you for making this experience such an enjoyable and transformative one and for taking ownership of it. This day is a recognition of all of us, women and men who juggled responsibilities of family and work in addition to university. For most of us, this has been more than a labor of intellect. It was a labor of love and passion, and I want to extend my gratitude to my family, to our families, for giving us the support and love we needed to go on. I am a changed person today because all of that, and because we were successful as a community in creating a safe space where uncomfortable moments were not dreaded but embraced with curiosity. Learning and conscious construction of meaning often happens in these moments, when our beliefs, norms, and values are challenged and our knowledge of the world and how the world should be is questioned.
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