School of Graduate Studies
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PhD Programs
expand 1.Humanities Faculties


PhD in history.pdf    


PhD in Sociology.pdf    
Business Economics

PhD in Business economy.pdf    
Islamic Jurisdiction and Legislative Policy
Ph.D in Islamic Jurisdiction and Legislative Policy.pdf    
Ph.D. in qur'anic exegesis (tafsèr) and sciences (‘ulūm al-qu’rān)
PhD in Qur'anic Exegesis (Tafsèr) and Sciences (‘Ulūm Al-Qu’rān.pdf    
Educational Psychology/Measurement and Evaluation
PhD in Measurement and Evaluation.pdf    
Curriculum and Instruction/General Curriculum
PhD in General Curriculum.pdf    
Foundations of Education
PhD in Foundation of Education.pdf    
Special Education
PhD in Special Education.pdf    
Public Law


PhD In Public Law E.pdf    
Political Science

PhD Political Science.pdf    
دكتوراه اللغويات.pdf    
expand 2.Health Faculties
Pharmaceutical Sciences


PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.pdf    
expand 3.Scientific Faculties


PhD in Physics.pdf    
Biological Sciences
PhD in Biological Sciences.docx    
Plan Production


PhD plant protection.pdf    
Human Nutrition and Dietetics


دكتوراه في تغذية الانسان والحميات الانجليزيه.pdf    
Land, Water and Environment


PhD in Land, Water, and Environment.pdf    
Animal Production
PhD in Animal production.pdf    
Computer Science
PhD in Computer Science.pdf