​Sessions of Arabic Language Qualification Exam to be Held on Thursday 20/4/2017

Sessions of Arabic Language Qualification Exam to be Held on Thursday 20/4/2017

​​Kindly find below the distribution of postgraduate (master's and PhD) students on the Arabic Language Qualification Exam sessions which will be held on Thursday 20/4/2017 at Student.com

Students with disabilities are required to submit an official letter from the Deanship of Student Affairs stating the name of the student helping them in the exam.

All students shall consider the following:

1-    Abiding by the time of the exam.

2-    Students are required to bring with them their University ID or a valid identity proof.

3-    Students should be present at Student.com 10 minutes before the exam starts.

4-    Students are not allowed to use their mobiles nor to write during the exam.

To view the names of students and the ​distribution of sessions, click here

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